Benefits of co-working space in Kenya

As a startup, freelancer or even an established company looking to have a satellite branch in a certain location, co-working space might be the best solution to take up. This style of office occupancy has really caught on in Kenya and the idea is quite receptive especially to the Startup companies. As much as taking your laptop and sitting in a coffee shop has its benefits, it really has more cons rather than pros.
Let’s start by defining what co-working space is. This is basically a furnished office space that you can go to on a daily basis and work at either a random station or fixed spot (depending on the plan that suits you) with great unlimited internet speeds, a kitchen, and are in the company of like-minded individuals.

Let’s get right to the benefits then.
• Cost Effective
Let out space in Kenya is generally expensive. Most establishments require 3 months’ rent and 3 months deposit plus a months’ worth of rent to pay for the legal fees. This could range anywhere from kshs.100,000/- to kshs.1M or more depending on the location and size of the space. Then you need to think of the business license, furnishing the office space and probably hiring a receptionist. (This is where most give up and shelf the business idea for some time later)
But with the co-sharing space, literally all you need is a subsidized monthly rent and a security deposit, your laptop and you’re good to go.

• Provide proper working framework

Unless you are typically the structured kind who can comfortably work and concentrate from home without destruction then definitely a co-working space would be ideal. With Netflix, babies and the ever welcoming bed, it makes it almost impossible to concentrate and get in a few productive hours of work. If you are connected to a co-working space, you can get away for a few hours and actually be productive.

• Networking
Co-working spaces have been known as great grounds for networking. Being around like minded individuals can provide a pool of creativity and information for FREE that you would have otherwise paid for. Aside from not having to sit in an office all alone (which is another benefit) individuals can take advantage of the skills available in the office and even get business and clients from the others in the space.

• Portray legitimacy
When you finally land clients and you need to have a meeting, the chances that you close the client in your home are mostly next to ZERO. However, in a co-working space set up, meeting rooms and even board rooms are provided. This way you can have your privacy and legitimacy all in check. It’s always important to have a legit location on your business card as well. Small details like that can be the difference between you closing a deal or remaining at the prospecting stage.

• Comfort
Most co-working spaces have an endless provision of coffee or tea, microwave, fridge, drinking water and a locker to store items like your laptop when you need to step out for a while. These can otherwise be expensive if you have to pay for your coffee at a café. Other benefits some spaces offer are admission to networking events organized by the company and some even special rates on gym membership.

• Motivating
If you had been working in an organization and are now starting you own business, it can get depressing and lonely sometimes.

With co-working spaces, there are individuals just like you working so hard to get work done. It also gives the feel of an office environment only now YOU are the boss.

As much as co-working space might not always be beneficial for everyone, it really is a must try. The best part is that there is a wide range of spaces ranging from very posh premium spaces to fairly basic ones. This way you can select the one that best fits your pocket.

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