• Freelance Consulting

    Ksh N/A
    • We can engage on the following Freelance Consulting gigs:
    • Financial modeling, Cost optimization projects, Quality, health, safety and environment improvement & compliance projects
    • Creative design and branding, Sales consulting
  • Interns

    Ksh 11,000
    • Interns hired through AmEntres will be paid a minimum stipend of 11,000KES per month by the client organization.
    • The client organization will pay an additional fee of 2,000KES per month to AmEntres for purposes of mentorship towards the Action Learning Project.
  • Leased Employees

    Ksh 10%
    • AmEntres will charge a monthly administration fee equivalent to 10% of the monthly gross pay for leased employees.
  • Membership fee

    • Career Aptitude Test: These tests enables our members to answer the question - What Career is right for me?
    • CV and Professional Cover letter Writing
    • Pre interview Counseling
  • Placement:

    Ksh 60%
    • AmEntres will charge a one-time fee equivalent to 60% of the first month salary.
    • The fees are only payable for candidates who have been successfully hired by the client organization. AmEntres will offer replacement hires for free in the event the hire does not work out before the end of the first month.
    • AmEntres will also be the placements ‘outside’ project leader who will follow up on their progress and ensure that they are performing exceptionally.