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Corporate Courses

Upskilling for Success:

Our business is to ensure that enterprises are thriving. This can be achieved by teaching current employees new skills. This will help with employee retention, customer satisfaction and in return affect the bottom line positively.
Courses Offered:
i) MS Excel Skills for business specialization
KES. 5,000PP, Minimum 10 Participants – 1 day training
1. Intermediate I and II Skills
2. Advanced Skills

ii) Inspirational Leadership: Positive Power and Influence
KES. 25,000 per day – 1 day training
1. Foundations and Applications of everyday leadership
2. Support for your teammates
3. Managing the organisation – Design to execution

iii) Supply Chain Management
KES. 20,000PP, Minimum 5 Participants – 1 Week training
1. S.C Logistics
2. S.C Operations
3. S.C Planning
4. S.C Sourcing
5. S.C Management Strategy

iv) Career Success Specialization. (Employability Training)
KES. 5,000PP, Minimum 10 Participants 2-3 Day training
1. Managing Stress at work
2. Delivering presentations.
3. Project management – Basics for success
4. The Art of Negotiating
5. Effective Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
6. Time management for personal and professional productivity

v) Business Networking
KES. 5,000PP, Minimum 10 Participants
1. Understood the full scope and benefits of networking as a tool to raise the profile of their organisation, their team and themselves.
2. Prepared for networking events and other networking activity to achieve their objectives.
3. ‘Worked the room’ confidently – starting conversations, keeping conversations going and moving on with ease.
4. Facilitated conversations between others.
5. Removed any mental barriers between themselves and effective networking.

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