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Placement Services

Client organizations can access talented staff as follows:

Full Time Hires

AmEntres provides access to pre-vetted & employability trained entry to mid-level staff in sales, marketing, customer service, hospitality, operations, IT and finance with the goal of saving our clients time of hiring and cost associated with hiring bad employees who do not fit their culture.

AmEntres will only place candidates who have undergone employability training. We will provide a shortlist of our best available talent to employers for consideration as full time hires.

AmEntres will charge a one-time fee equivalent to 50% of the first month salary. The fees are only payable for candidates who have been successfully hired by the client organization. AmEntres will offer replacement hires for free in the event the hire does not work out before the end of the first month.

Leased Employees

The Key challenge: The ever changing business environment results in peaks and troughs in demand, resulting in overstaffing or understaffing. Organizations are then forced to hire and fire repeatedly, hence causing labour relations issues.

AmEntres will play the role of a Professional Employment Organization whereby we will administer payroll and handle labour related matters for all employees leased to our clients. These services save businesses the cost and labour relations burden that comes with hiring full time employees into roles whose nature and need may change rapidly over time.

The services provide easy access to pre-vetted and trained talent that would otherwise take hours to find. They allow businesses to access flexible capacity during peak demand, without the need to hire and fire repeatedly.

AmEntres will charge a monthly administration fee equivalent to 10% of the monthly gross pay for leased employees.


Key Challenge: Candidates need work experience to learn by doing as they put their technical and employability training skills into practice. On the flip side, employers need a cost effective solution for staffing short-term projects.

AmEntres works together with the candidate and the employer to ensure that internships are beneficial for both the candidate and the employer.

All interns placed through AmEntres will be assigned an Action Learning Project (ALP) that they will be required to complete in the course of their internship. This project will be agreed upon in conjunction with the client organization, and will have to be a project that the client organization considers valuable. The ALP will be scoped out in such a way that the intern can make tangible progress within the period allocated for their internship.

The intern will be allocated a mentor by AmEntres who will provide guidance in the ALP. The goal will be for the intern to apply all the relevant skills taught during our employability training.

Interns hired through AmEntres will be paid a minimum stipend of 11,000KES per month by the client organization. The client organization will pay an additional fee of 2,000KES per month to AmEntres for purposes of mentorship towards the Action Learning Project.

Freelance Consulting

Key Challenges:

  • Expertise required to drive strategic projects is expensive.
  • Identifying top talent of value takes a lot of time and effort.

At AmEntres, we proactively seek partnerships with top freelance talent. We provide a platform where client organizations can engage this freelance talent quickly and affordably, on consultancy basis.

The logic here is that most companies cannot afford fees charged by established and reputable consultancy firms. Engaging highly talented freelance talent directly will always be cheaper and more flexible, with a guarantee that the top talent will work on projects directly (without delegating the work to junior staff, as is the case with large consulting firms)

We can engage on the following Freelance Consulting gigs:

  • Financial modeling
  • Cost optimization projects
  • Quality, health, safety and environment improvement & compliance projects
  • Creative design and branding
  • Sales consulting

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